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Mend The Manger - By Dave Corbett

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Mend The Manger
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Musicline
Order Code: MTM01


‘Great! This was well pitched for the inclusion of our "Early Years"!’  - A Parent Helper, Lincolnshire.

Product Description

Mend The Manger is easy to stage making it very suitable for newly qualified teachers tackling their first Infant Nativity for Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7 years). Hints and tips are included in the script, along with extensive Production Notes to help steer you well clear of any potential pitfalls.

The songs are very straightforward with lots of repetition. Although the donkey has a solo singing part, don't forget that this part can be a female role, should boy soloists be thin on the ground.

There are 29 speaking roles with as many cooks, cleaners, servants etc. as you wish and unlimited chorus parts. Mend the Manger is also suitable for the inclusion of "Early Years".

Approximate Duration: 30 minutes


Cast List

Announcer (8)
Narrator 1 (10)
Narrator 2 (7)
Narrator 3 (6)
Innkeeper (23)
Innkeeper's Wife (10)
Donkey (sings solo) (27)
Duck 1 (2)
Duck 2 (1)
Sheep 1 (1)
Sheep 2 (2)
Goat 1 (3)
Goat 2 (2)
Camel 1 (4)
Camel 2 (3)
Camel 3 (4)
King 1 (4)
King 2 (4)
King 3 (3)
Shepherd 1 (3)
Shepherd 2 (3)
Shepherd 3 (2)
Shepherd 4 (1)
Cook(s) (1)
Servant(s) (1)
Cleaner(s) (1)
Mary (9)
Joseph (3)
Angel (3)
Band of Angels*

(Bracketed numbers indicate the number of lines)

*The Bear, Wolf, Lion and Band of Angels are non-speaking parts.

Have as many Cooks, Servants, Cleaners and Angels as you like.

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