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Eileen Diamond Super Songbook 1 (with Cassette Tape) - By Eileen Diamond

Eileen Diamond Super Songbook 1
Media/Arrangement: Book and Tape
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order Code: UE19723AC

Pre-School KS1

Product Description

32 tuneful, catchy, original songs to set feet tapping, hands clapping, bodies swaying and instruments playing. Suitable for Nursery, Infant and Special School children aged 3 to 7 years.

The songs are divided into four sections - Singing, Hand Action, Action and Percussion - and cover a wide variety of topics such as Shoes, Numbers, Spring, Rain, Growing, Playing Together, Moving to Music, Christmas and many more.

As well as encouraging children to move rhythmically to music, they also offer ample opportunity for creativity and improvisation, in line with the Attainment Targets of Composing, Performing, Listening and Appraising.

Practical teaching notes are provided for class teachers and music specialists to combine with their own ideas and there are helpful suggestions for teachers of children with special needs. Primary school teachers will also find a wealth of stimulating material with which to implement the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1.


1) All Play Together
2) Animals
3) Busy Creatures
4) Doing Things
5) Good Morning
6) How Will You Reach Your Friend?
7) Jack In The Box
8) Little Pony
9) Lot Of Useful Things, A
10) Me
11) Moving To Music
12) Night Time
13) Number Song, The
14) Playing In Turn
15) Pointing
16) Put A Hand On Your Elbow
17) Rain Song, The
18) Shoes
19) Show Us How It Goes
20) Slap And Clap
21) Spring
22) Stand With A Partner
23) Take A Tiny Seed
24) There’s Nothing Quite Like Christmas
25) Three Beats
26) To and Fro
27) Tree In Autumn, A
28) Two Beats
29) Walk In A Circle
30) Wave A Friendly Hand
31) When Christmas Comes
32) Where Is The Sun Today?

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