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Basic Music Skills

Agogo Bells to Xylophone - Maggie Cotton
For ages 5 to 11

Relaunch of an invaluable handbook for classroom music-making with clear diagrams and descriptions of a wide range of percussion instruments. Excellent for non-specialists and specialists alike, separates the xylophones from the glockenspiels.
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Bobby Shaftoe, Clap Your Hands - Sue Nicholls
For ages 3 to 7

Musical fun for 4-6 year olds with new songs from old favourites. Bobby Shaftoe, Clap Your Hands is a collection of songs created from favourite playgroup, nursery and infant school melodies and the book is cheerfully illustrated throughout by Lynn Breezze.
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High Low Dolly Pepper - Veronica Clark
For ages 3 to 7

High Low Dolly Pepper by Veronica Clark is a terrific way to develop musical skills with young children. Starting with their own experiences, this book develops their understanding of loud and quiet, fast and slow, high and low, long and short. Here is a fantastic resource book full of poems songs, activities and games to help explore music with young children. It is a veritable playground of games and exercises to make each stage enjoyable and absorbing.
Prices from: £19.90
Musical Cups - Songs and Activities for Schools
For ages 7 to 14

Enhance music-making in your school by teaching with Musical Cups. Using just simple plastic cups and fantastic songs, Musical Cups will develop performance skills, musical literacy, teamwork and coordination in all children.
Prices from: £14.90

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