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The Complete Choral Warm-Up Book - By Jay Althouse and Russell L Robinson

The Complete Choral Warm Up Book
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Vocal Warm-Ups
Publisher: Faber Music
Order Code: 9780882846576


Product Description

This book is perfect for anyone who directs, or plans to direct, a choir … any choir, of any age, including children's choirs through adult volunteer choirs, church, school or community choirs.

The main body of the book consists of 211 warm-ups … enough for years of rehearsal. Most include information on the purpose of the warm-up, teaching techniques and suggestions for use. Also included are dozens of photos illustrating correct posture and vowel formation.

The complete Choral Warm-Up Book is jammed with handy information - a virtual "everything you ever wanted to know about warm-ups". And the well-organised index makes finding just the right warm-up a snap. Whether you're an experienced choral director or just starting your first job, The Complete Choral Warm-Up Book belongs in your personal library. Use it for reference or take it with you to rehearsals.


1) Why Warm-Up?
2) Warm-Up Considerations for Different Age Groups
3) The Warm-Up Before the Performance
4) Rest and the Voice
5) Warm-Ups to Begin the Rehearsal
6) Transitional Warm-Ups
7) Warm-Ups with Fun Texts and Syllables
8) Chordal Warm-Ups
9) Warm-Ups Featuring Interval Training
10) Jazz/Pop/Swing Warm-Ups
11) Just for Church Choirs
12) Rounds

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