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Shiniest Star, The - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole

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The Shiniest Star
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Class Act Productions
Order Code: IMP6523A

Bestseller KS1 CD

‘We really enjoyed doing your very accessible Nativity 'The Shiniest Star' last term and it went down very well with both children and parents alike. They really thought that the whole way that it was written was so professional and different to the usual format that a lot of Nativities seem to take.’  - ND, Hordle Walhampton School.

Product Description

The Shiniest Star is a lively version of the nativity featuring a star with attitude, proud to be chosen to shine over the stable in Bethlehem.

After Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, we meet Caesar & his Centurions, busy Innkeepers, startled Shepherds, chatty Ox, Ass & Donkey, Three Kings, Angels & the wickedest Herod ever! There are 4 Narrators & unlimited numbers of Ensemble & stable animals.

Ideal for 4 - 7 year olds (Key Stage 1). This nativity is fun and easy to teach and learn. Includes book (containing full piano score and guitar chords) and CD with vocals & backing tracks.

Approximate Duration: 30 minutes


/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track01.mp3 1) There’s A Story We’d Like To Tell You
/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track03.mp3 3) Long Long Way To Bethlehem
/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track07.mp3 7) Gabriel And The Shepherds
/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track08.mp3 8) Twinkle Sparkle (Reprise)
/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track11.mp3 11) Twinkle Sparkle (Reprise 2)
/media/soundclips/IMP/IMP6523A-Track13.mp3 13) There’s A Story We’d Like To Tell You (Finale)

Cast List

Cast List:
Mary - a vital role with a sweet lullaby to sing
Joseph - he's strong and kind - with just one line
Gabriel - the archangel with Annunciation lines to speak and sing
Baby Jesus - a key role for a special doll
Narrator 1 - team leader with plenty to say, spoken and sung
Narrator 2 - with all the answers, a small but vital speaking role
Narrator 3 - filling in the facts, explaining patiently in dialogue
Narrator 4 - moving the story along with cameo solo spoken lines
Caesar Augustus - the might Roman Emperor singing a census song
1st Innkeeper - he'd love to help but … a small singing part
2nd Innkeeper - he's sorry too … just one verse to sing
3rd Innkeeper - several short sung lines as he kindly offers his stable
Ox - extending a friendly welcome to a weary Donkey
Ass - worrying that the stable might be too humble
Donkey - exhausted after his long journey carrying Mary
The Shiniest Star - a proud singing solo from a sparkling Nativity star
1st Shepherd - bringing his favourite lamb to Jesus
2nd Shepherd - bringing his favourite prayer
3rd Shepherd - just bringing himself - he has nothing else to offer
King Melchior - a regal singer with a casket of precious gold
King Gaspar - with a majestic gift of a basket of myrrh
King Balthazar - with a royal offering of priceless frankincense
King Herod - a desperate despot (played by an adult if you prefer)

Ensemble Group 1 - unlimited numbers for maximum volume (can double as Animal Ensemble)
Ensemble Group 2 - unlimited numbers for easy singing with lots of repeated sections
Roman Centurions - minimum 2, a smart singing squad of military precision to guard Caesar
Star Ensemble - unlimited numbers, the ability to sparkle brightly as they sing is useful!
Angel Ensemble - unlimited numbers to sing Hallelujahs in celebration - with gospel gusto

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